Jeanne for Pinterest. May 15, 2012

Another semester has passed and college graduates are taking the dive into the infamous job search pool. Today, technology is embraced at home, school and in the workplace. Why not let technology help you land your dream gig? Many companies seek creative, intelligent and out-of-the-box thinkers, and don’t want to see those attributes simply written down on your resume.

One job searcher has stepped up to the plate in a very creative, yet simple way to get the attention of her potential employer. Harvard Business School graduate, Jeanne Hwang wants to work for the online scrap-boarding sensation, Pinterest. Instead of simply submitting a resume with her six years of work experience at companies like Right Media, Yahoo!, Accenture and Kaixon, she pinned it. That’s right, Hwang created an online resume on her dream company’s website titled, Jeanne for Pinterest, where she not only displays her professional career and accolades, but she also includes fun bits about her life, such as her completion of the New York City Triathlon and her cutie patootie of a pup who loves the office. Hwang sectioned her skills and experience onto different boards and filled them with complementary images. She goes into detail about her passion for Pinterest and why she’d be a great fit on her Tumblr page, which is linked to on each assigned board.

Just as I suggested in a previous blog post, Five Ways To Go From Intern to Employee, if you’re scouting companies to hire you, definitely follow my second point: Don’t be scared. Join the conversation!

It’s so important for your potential employer to know that you have a passion for what they do. Hwang did just that. While she hasn’t heard back from Pinterest just yet, (which I’m sure won’t be too long) she did get a job offer from Francisco Guerrero, founder of Pintics, the Pinterest analytics site.

Take a look at Jeanne’s Pinterest resume (click the image to enlarge).









Is this something you’d feel comfortable doing in your field of interest? What do you think about her leap of creativity?

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