To Blog or Not to Blog June 8, 2012

By Christie Eskew

As a PR professional, writing is just what you do. So when it comes to blogging, for most, it’s like second nature.  For me, not so much.  Even though I’m a very talkative person, every time I was asked to write a blog, I would make up a million reasons in my mind why I should put it off until the last minute.  “What are the benefits of blogging?” is a thought that used to cross my mind on the regular, until I noticed people were actually reading them, commenting on them, retweeting them and the list goes on.  With the new generation being so technologically driven, blogging is one way to communicate with them.

One day, I was wondering, “How can I get my point across to my 16-year-old son?” I decided to start blogging about my parent verses teenager communication challenges. Surprisingly, my son actually read my blog, commented on it, and even shared it with his friends.  In short, through blogging, I finally got my point across.

So, why blog?

  • Marketing – it’s a great way to reach a different audience
  • To get your feelings out – sometimes it can make you feel like a load has been taken off of your chest
  • So that your family and friends can keep up with you and your busy life
  • You never know, your blogs can turn into a book one day

Your words can never be repeated with the same passion, or even in the exact same way, but your writing will stay around forever…well until the “iCloud” disappears – and this is where you saved your life that is! Now #TEAMBLOG it is!

What do you prefer, talking or blogging and why?

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