We Are PR. We Are Full-Service. June 12, 2012

Did you know that Open Channels Group (OCG) is a full-service public relations agency? We’ve increased our capabilities in 2012 and are fired up about what that means for our agency and our amazing clients. Keep reading to get a taste of what full-service means at OCG.

We Put the PR in PR. It’s who we are and what we do.

We’re not just ANY public relations agency…

Grab an effective communicator, a creative thinker, a team player, a client expert, and in today’s age, a “techie.” Put them together in a pot, and wa-la! What do you have? A spectacular PR professional.

What’s even better? That’s what we at OCG believe a PR professional is, and that’s exactly what we are. We understand that effective public relations requires staying on top of an evolving industry, as well as recognizing the fundamentals of good PR that should remain unchanged. OCG is dedicated to crafting clear messages, developing well devised communications plans and implementing strategic goals that are in line with our core values.

Now, what are we again?

We. Are. PR.

Are you listening to your multicultural audience? We are!

A great writer once said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

At OCG, we understand that without effective communication, every interpersonal relationship, every goal, every strategy, every organization is at risk. This is particularly true for ethnically and socially diverse audiences; however, with a relevant message and  the right medium, you can break through the noise to get their attention.

Our team’s insight about communication preferences and how multicultural segments receive information helps us move our client’s message in a way people want to stop and listen.  We help our clients foster and sustain authentic relationships with these audiences, which is something we take seriously.  The key is crafting messages that go beyond the general market to meet language and lifestyle needs.

We are listening even when it’s not top of mind for you. Let us create customized strategies to better connect you with your target audience.

Got Digital Problems? Who ya gonna call?

OCG, that’s who! Communicating with audiences across online platforms isn’t easy. Let an expert help you navigate.

What Cesar Milan is to dogs, OCG is to digital. We are the “digital whisperers” to your needs. Our digital practice isn’t simply drafting content for Twitter or the ever-changing Facebook. Although those things are very important, we know that there’s a lot more to it. We are dedicated to taking your company to the next level whether it be social media engagement, an online brand refresh or a video aimed at your audience.  In this ever-evolving world of digital, OCG is fortunate to  have a team fluent and familiar with current and upcoming digital trends – we speak digital. We understand that digital communications is now a key factor in successfully reaching and engaging audiences, and with understanding, comes relationships.

We’ve got you covered. Now, who ya gonna call?

P2 – Who me? Yes You!

Involving citizens is the key to any successful outreach endeavor.

Public participation, or P2 as we call it, is something that cannot be circumvented. We like to say our P2 practice is public outreach on steroids! At OCG, all of our P2 projects require us to engage the public at some level. Our approach to P2 is done in such a way where  citizens take a personal interest in the project. We are not just managing the P2 process, we are actually in the trenches becoming valuable team players whom citizens look to as a trusted resource. It’s about involving citizens in problem-solving and decision-making that will have a direct impact on their communities – making them active participants.

We understand most people are reluctant to change. Our P2 team addresses this by making projects less complicated and more straightforward because community members are also team members. Ensuring people understand what the project entails and how it will benefit them is a recipe for overcoming resistance to change. P2 is about giving citizens a voice and the opportunity to let that voice be heard. We meet people where they are, and we think that’s important.

Remember, when it comes to P2, OCG is your go-to agency!

We Are PR. We Are Multicultural. We Are Digital. We Are P2. We Are Full-Service. Learn more at www.openchannelsgroup.com.

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