Movin’ On Up… To The West Side

By Jasmine Johnson

As a recent graduate in today’s economy, I’d have to say I agree with the media.  Once the excitement of graduation fades and frat parties become a thing of the past, the outlook is pretty bleak.  The economy hasn’t yet rebounded, and the fear of being a jobless college graduate has become a reality for many.  As for me, moving home (with next to no savings), and having many of my friends up to their eyeballs in debt (none for me, thank God for scholarships and parents), I was honestly a little scared of being thrust into such an unforgiving working world.  Determined not to get discouraged, I cast out a wide net and applied to literally every ranked public relations agency in the state, praying someone would bite.  After weeks of interviews, countless rejection letters and phone calls, I finally reeled in an amazing opportunity – an internship at Open Channels Group (OCG).

Even before receiving the job offer, I knew this was the place for me.  There I was, finishing up the interview process with my writing test, when who else but OCG’s president, Tonya Veasey herself walks through the office. Before I even knew who she was, I knew she meant business because she had on a pair of KILLER heels and when I complimented her on them, she mentioned that she literally just read an email from a colleague endorsing me.  However, I like to think it was the shoes compliment that sealed the deal.  As proven by Cinderella, shoes are magic and can bring anyone together.

Almost two weeks later, here I am – on my third day of work and never happier.  Day one went as predicted, learning the ropes and orientation.  Day two was spent in the blistering Texas heat filming a training video for a client at the metal recycling yard, which was unexpectedly awesome.  It looks like no two days are ever the same here, and I honestly can’t wait to see what this year brings.

A little background on me, my name is Jasmine Johnson and I am a DFW native, born and raised in Arlington, Texas.  I just graduated with a communications degree from Trinity University in San Antonio where I held public relations internships at San Antonio Sports and theFund for the Arts – both nonprofits and both incredibly informative and rewarding.  I live with my parents in Arlington and what it lacks in autonomy, it makes up for with a well-stocked kitchen and loving support from my amazing parents.  Some of my hobbies include playing homemaker by cooking and crafting things I’ve found on Pinterest, playing guitar, writing short stories, and performing my duties as a devoted “Doctor Who” fan.

As the end of my first week as an intern comes to a close, I look forward to new adventures with the incredibly talented OCG family.

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  1. Glenda Fort:

    If the world did not know before, they certainly know now that that an “awesome” young grad has hit the “employed” world and she “rocks”. Congratulations for staying upbeat and positive in a sometimes mean and hard world.

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