Find the Scandal in Your Agency

By: Amoya Edwards

The fall season marks the return of a few of the best things in life: the best fashion, the best weather and the best TV shows.

During the fall, ABC has my full attention every Thursday. I’m tuned into Grey’s Anatomy and (most importantly) my new favorite show, “Scandal” – the drama from Emmy-award winning screenwriter Shonda Rhimes, which just started its second season.  Not only does ”Scandal” feature one of my favorite actresses, Kerry Washington, but the riveting plot keeps me on the edge of my couch in anticipation of each character’s next move. This show is the highlight of my week!

As a PR pro at a small agency, I’ve taken note of what an incredible team Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope has. This got me thinking that the roles of Olivia’s team members, or “gladiators” as they’re called on the show, are reminiscent of a small PR agency.

Just like Olivia Pope & Associates, a small agency needs a handful of vital characters to ensure longevity and success. Although Olivia’s team is essentially made up of lawyers – or something like it – their skills and personality traits are necessary in a PR setting.

Meet the gladiators of Olivia Pope & Associates:

  • Olivia PopeThe Fixer. She’s the fearless leader. The woman with the plan. She always has one, no matter what curveballs are thrown her way. She’s incredibly connected within her industry as well as her clients. Olivia Pope works very hard and demands the best from her team. She’s always cool, calm, collected, and fierce.

  • Quinn PerkinsThe Newcomer. Similar to an intern at an agency, Quinn admired the agency’s work for quite some time. She may at times be the last to know information about what’s going on, but she plays a vital role in doing preliminary work, like research and client preps for the big shots at the firm.

  • Harrison WrightThe Salesman. Harrison’s brilliance and charm can warm up just about anyone he comes into contact with. He’s passionate about what he does and believes in the success of his company. Harrison also prides himself on his keen ear and attention to detail, which plays a huge part in the success of the firm’s trials.

  • Abby WhelanThe Investigator.  Abby tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid to confront anyone. She’s liberal in her beliefs and makes her opinion known, even if it isn’t always asked for. Despite the sometimes sassy side of her personality, Abby is very thorough and doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to the business that her team handles. She makes sure that each client is researched adequately to know how the team can fully meet their needs.

  • HuckThe Techie. And, just where would you be without your tech person? Aside from this character’s mysterious and dangerous past, he’s an extremely talented electronics expert and loyal to his team. In this technology-driven world, every good team needs a Huck to be successful.

Now that you’ve met Olivia’s team, do you think their skills meet the requirements to run a successful PR agency? What’s missing? Which one are you? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Tweet me at @amoyaedwards.


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