Is Pinterest the new Christmas List?

By Jasmine Johnson

As an avid and possibly addicted pinner, the first thing I did after Thanksgiving was start compiling my Christmas list and gift ideas on Pinterest.  The visual bookmarking site seems to be the easiest place to organize everything I want and where to get it all in one place for myself, and hopefully others, to see and keep track of.

I’m not the only one subscribing to this thought process for my 2012 Christmas list, many of my friends and family are also subtly (or not so subtly) pinning their wish lists too. And, with the iPhone app, I can take everyone’s pin boards with me and refer to them while I shop, ensuring I select the perfect gifts.

It gets even better – did you know you can easily email your Pinterest boards to non-users (like maybe your grandmother)? It’s a win-win for me, and about a million other users doing the same thing.

A recent study reports 62 percent of shoppers look to social media for information, and that number is expected to rise after this year’s holiday shopping rush.  Pinterest leads the industry in this respect, as the number one source of inspiration, influence and engagement among shoppers.  Users are about 79 percent more likely to buy based on their Pinterest finds than Facebook.

Pinterest even launched a holiday themed promotion for gift ideas, called 30 Days of Pinspiration, to connect pinners with holiday boards from key users, businesses, nonprofit organizations, celebrities, and more.  You can also find pins with hashtags like #gifts, #Christmas, #Iwant as well as “Christmas List” boards popping up all over the site.Marketers have used this information to their advantage, using Pinterest as an integrative advertising tool.  Pinterest is incredibly viral, with 80 percent of pins being “repins” so as a result, more companies are encouraging site visitors to pin images and are creating boards directed at consumers.

I, for one, am very excited about more businesses getting on Pinterest and using it to engage customers.  The more pins I can waste hours of my day scrolling through, the better.

How will you engage in social gifting this year? Comment below and let us know!


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  1. Sarah Walker:

    NOW, NOW, NOW! this is a tech category I’m NOT use too @ all. Thks for sharing all these kinds of technical mechanisims being used by the general public. I’m just trying to catch up. Much success & Happy Holidays. Do NOT FORGET to invite me your next social event; beit be4 or AFTER CHRISTMAS. SEE U SOON?

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