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Put a Pin in it. Pinterest goes presidential! April 11, 2012 No Comments

Tweet I first heard about Pinterest, the virtual pin board and online scrapbooking site, early last year from a good friend who is the quintessential socialmedialite (Did I just make that up?) @iamtaneise.  My response to her at the time was mixed. On one hand, I thought it was a good idea, and wondered why [...]

SxSWi Design Download March 30, 2012 No Comments

Tweet My first SxSW Interactive experience was amazing!  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but almost every session I went to was packed full of great information.  A lot of the sessions I attended were focused on design and user experience.  Here are some key takeaways from just a few of them. Designing for [...]

South By Southwest Interactive 2012 March 23, 2012 No Comments

TweetIt was another amazing year at South By Southwest Interactive (SxSWi)! It’s hard to imagine that anything could top my 2011 experience, but 2012 did (even with the “Rainpocolypse” that threatened to ruin the first two days). Maybe it was because I knew what to expect, but this year I felt empowered to grab SxSWi [...]

What You Need to Know About Facebook Timeline For Brands March 8, 2012 No Comments

Tweet As you’ve probably already heard, last Wednesday Facebook unveiled Timeline for brand pages. In case you still have some questions about what the new Timeline page for brands means, here’s some information and things to keep in mind. What does Facebook Timeline for brand pages mean?- A new look and feel for Facebook brand [...]

What’s Your Klout? February 23, 2012 No Comments

TweetBy Jordan Stinnett I’ve got Klout, yes I do. I’ve got Klout, how about you? No, I didn’t misspell the word clout and I’m not talking about a blow or smack from someone’s hand. I am referring to the rating of my social media influence based on the website Klout.com. Klout, created in 2008 by [...]

Open Channels Group Sees Growth and Sets Trends in 2012 February 6, 2012 No Comments

Tweet A new year gives way to new ideas, new dreams and endless possibilities. Open Channels Group entered 2012 with a vision for growth in creativity, services and continued success. We have already begun making progress toward reaching these stepping stones of success. We have internally promoted two members of our team and positioned them [...]

Digital, Digital Get Down February 3, 2012 No Comments

TweetI’d like to thank *NSYNC for providing me with my official theme for 2012, “digital, digital get down.” If you’re signing the song in your head and starting to judge my choice of theme (and probably music) – STOP! Don’t get caught up on the lyrics because they are completely irrelevant, it’s just those four [...]

Twitter and Censorship: Social Suicide or Progressive Compliance? February 1, 2012 No Comments

TweetLast Thursday, everyone’s favorite micro-blogging site announced very interesting news. In a post titled, Tweets Must Flow, Twitter let the world know that “they give themselves the ability to reactively withhold content from users in a specific country– while keeping it available in the rest of the world.” They also “built in a way to [...]

A Great Use of Twitter (and a not-so-great one) December 13, 2011 No Comments

TweetLast week, two news stories about people’s use of Twitter grabbed my attention, for completely opposite reasons.  One focused on a very proactive and inventive use of the social medium, while the other…well, not so much. Let’s start with the latter.  The NW Daily Marker, a political blog covering the Pacific Northwest, reported that three [...]

The Importance of SEO No Comments

TweetThere are billions of Web pages on the Internet.  The hope of someone finding your website without any help is like someone trying to find a needle in a haystack.  In today’s business world, you need to invest in an online strategy in order to be found.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the top [...]

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