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Movin’ On Up… To The West Side September 13, 2012 1 Comment

TweetBy Jasmine Johnson As a recent graduate in today’s economy, I’d have to say I agree with the media.  Once the excitement of graduation fades and frat parties become a thing of the past, the outlook is pretty bleak.  The economy hasn’t yet rebounded, and the fear of being a jobless college graduate has become [...]

Time flies when you’re having fun! August 9, 2012 No Comments

TweetBy Andrew Matt When we’re kids, we dream of being astronauts, firefighters, actors, pro athletes, rock stars or maybe the president. As childhood whirls by and the real world gets closer, most of us begin to be more realistic and just cross our fingers that we will actually end up enjoying our career. I can’t [...]

We’re looking for flipping sweet candidates for our fall internship! July 20, 2012 No Comments

Tweet                     Are you a recent grad or top-notch college senior looking for an awesome internship for the fall? You’re in luck! We’re looking for talented candidates to apply for our fall PR internship. If that’s you (or someone you know), please keep reading to find [...]

New Kid on the Block June 5, 2012 No Comments

TweetBy: Andrew Matt After months of searching, phone calls, emails, interviews and a less than healthy amount of anxiety, I finally landed my first public relations internship! I cannot think of a better place for my first internship than Open Channels Group, and I am incredibly thankful and excited to have been accepted into such [...]

My Present Actions Will Lead To My Future Success August 19, 2011 1 Comment

TweetBy Justice Henderson About the author: Justice Henderson, who will be a high school junior this year, interned at Open Channels Group over the summer.  Here, the future super-lawyer shares her experiences from mock trial camp at Stanford University. As a young girl, I had big dreams. I dreamt of being a successful lawyer in [...]

The Last Hoorah August 11, 2011 1 Comment

TweetAs the end of my last week approaches, I would like to take a minute and thank everyone here at Open Channels Group (OCG). You have taught me so much, not only about the public relations industry, but about myself, as well. It has been a privilege to have worked here this summer and I [...]

If You Run from Your Dreams, They Will Find You July 26, 2011 3 Comments

TweetBy Susanna Latham During my first year of college, I decided to run away from my dreams and I succeeded.  This choice, one that I believed to be smart at the time, would impact me in ways I would have never considered. As a girl, I just knew I would be on Broadway one day.  [...]

A Time Before Social Media Existed July 20, 2011 No Comments

TweetFor the past couple weeks I have been assigned a social media project here at Open Channels Group (OCG). While doing all the necessary research, it has me thinking about the existence and importance of social media. I don’t know about you, but I am connected on the majority of the popular websites− Facebook, Twitter, [...]

Debate Camp: In with fear and out with insight! June 29, 2011 3 Comments

TweetHello! My name is Justice Henderson and I am a summer intern here at Open Channels Group. Being an intern at the age of 16 at such a successful public relations firm is not only an honor, but a true blessing. So here is a little bit about me.  I have a natural love for [...]

INTERN DIARY: Does A First Impression Really Make A Lasting Impression? June 28, 2011 2 Comments

TweetFor many Americans, public speaking and going through the interviewing process are not easy, or enjoyable, tasks. In 2009, The Boston Globe released an article which listed “Americans’ Top Ten Fears.” You may be thinking the number one fear is snakes, small spaces or flying−all of which I strongly dislike. Well, sorry to disappoint, but [...]

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