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Living Room Conversations August 3, 2012 No Comments

TweetBy Breanna Standifer Home is where the heart is. It’s an environment where people feel the most at ease and open to express themselves. A successful P2 strategy takes the comfort level of stakeholders into consideration. Living Room Conversations were created with these two things in mind. This P2 tool is a perfect blend of [...]

What’s a Modern Roundabout? 2 Comments

TweetBy Stephen Fashoro We’re not talking traffic circles here, people. Modern roundabouts are a completely different animal, and they’re coming to a city near you. Here’s what you need to know… Urban planners are making pedestrian-friendly amenities a staple in their designs.  One such amenity is a modern roundabout.  When you hear the word roundabout, [...]

Beyond the Walls No Comments

TweetBy Kimberly Sims Not so long ago, governmental agencies were often the last to adopt creative and innovative techniques to engage their audiences.  The trusty public meeting and the stagnant website were the main tools used to gather input on vital issues.  But as many municipalities look to create meaningful, inclusive and transparent ways to [...]

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